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Our additive method at your service

Continuous fiber reinforced composites with up to 900 MPa strength while low weight and perfect surface quality.

Our FDM 3D printer (by deposition of molten material)  offers high-end additive manufacturing performance

3D size available:  460 х 297 х 210 mm

   (build volume)

Line thickness: 60μm


Compatible plastics: PLA, PETG, PA, PC, ABS, TPU, etc. up to 270 ° C

Reinforcement material:  - CCF 1.5k (Composite Carbon Fiber)

                                             - 60% fiber volume content

                                             - CBF (Composite Basalt Fiber)

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 27 16.25.jpg


This technology give us a bi-matrix composite part of any shape, without tools or molds, without machining and post-processing. Several times stronger and lighter than plastic, metal or non-optimal 3D printed composites.

Structure interne.jpg

Composite internal structure:

Structure - all.jpg
Structure - extern + carbon + innner layer.jpg
Structure - only carbon.jpg
External layer
Top/Bottom layer
Composite Infill
Carbon fibre CCF
Structure - one layer_edited.jpg
Fermeture scelette 2.jpg
A2 Composites 3D printing
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