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The Team


Our team is made up of smart people who have come together to explore the multiple possibilities of the so called carbon technology. We come from different fields and technical backgrounds. Our enthusiasm and passion for technology led to the creation of the company. Discover the people who make A2 Composites the successful company it is today.


Arpad Szentivànyi

Co-founder & President

Mr. Szentivànyi was educated in Budapest (Hungary) where he was born.. After a remarkable career as an elite athlete in the discipline of fencing, he founded his first company, HEI kft. His professional career has led him, from his training as an engineer until today, to have to change his place of life on multiple occasions, that is to say Budapest (Hungary), Qingdao (China), Hong-Kong or Grenoble (France). Through his professional career and his diplomas, he has become a leading industrial designer. His passion for technology and entrepreneurship led him to found A2 Composites.

Arpad Ujvari

Co-founder & CEO

He was also born in Budapest (Hungary). After his high school education and first-rate results as an elite sportsman (fencing) he changed radically the course of his life and settled permanently in Switzerland in 1980. His new country is where he completed his university degree. After an academic start as a research assistant at the University of Geneva, he continued his career in the banking sector, as a "quant". By completing his training as a mathematician and gaining valuable knowledge in the computer field, including computer programming, database management, and AI, he is well-suited for various technical fields. Mr. Ujvari is proud to be able to exercise his talents within A2 Composites as CEO.

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Contact us to find out more about our team, or to make an appointment with a member of our staff.

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